Mirage Demo
This demonstrates many of the features of Mirage 11.

This opens a separate album of videos, using a different Mirage style.

The linked album's index page contains buttons that return to this album; these buttons are hidden if the album is opened directly.

This is a basic slide page.

In keeping with Mirage's original objective of showing artwork, the page is uncluttered.
Image with Variants

A set of related images (i.e. variants) can be grouped with the main image on one slide page. The variants are not shown in the index. This provides a more focussed view, and reduces the size of the index.

An optional "variant slideshow" is shown here. To change the slide show speed, click the Help button.

(These images are from my 17,000 km motorcycle ride to Alaska in 2017)
Web Location

This shows how a web page can be embedded in an album.

If you select "Panorama" in the image's settings, the image is shrunk to the vertical image bound, but the width is not constrained. Scroll sideways to see all of the image.
Zoomify Tiled Image

A Tiled Zoomify Image can be zoomed to its original size, so that you can see fine details.
This image is viewed in OpenSeadragon. Use the buttons to zoom or view fullscreen. Drag the zoomed image to see a different part of the image.

Images © Patricia Twist
Zoomify Zif Image

A Zoomify ZIF image can be zoomed to its original size.
This page demonstrates Zoomify HTML5 Express.

Images © Patricia Twist
YouTube video

This is embedded in the slide page. It is added as a web location.
Vimeo video

This is embedded in the slide page. It is added as a web location.
PDF file

This is a local PDF file.
Alternatively, a remote PDF file can be added as a Web Location.
Automatic Columns

This album demonstrates how the number of columns is automatically adjusted, to fit your browser window.
Postcard Layout

This album demonstrates how long comments look better when shown to the right of the image.
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