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This album was created by the Mirage skin. Its purpose is to demonstrate the capabilities of Mirage.
It contains links to other albums that were created by Mirage - just click on the banners below.
If you are considering downloading Mirage, review the "Mirage Demo" to see an overview of the skin's features.

If your album was built with Mirage and you want it added to this list, send us the details.
Mirage Demo

This demonstrates many of the features of Mirage 11.
Patricia Twist, Artist - Gallery

An artist's portfolio, and the original inspiration for the Mirage skin.

Pat says: "I wanted a simple, elegant skin where style did not overwhelm content and my images had room to breathe. Mirage meets my requirements perfectly."
David Kessler's Art Gallery

An art gallery which makes extensive use of variants to emphasize fine detail.
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